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As I saw the Nessmi Pro I knowed I need to get this knife. As a lover of compact fixed knives, the Nessmi Pro are fitting realy well in my wishlist. The Nessmi Pro is made in the Boker Plus range. This is the high-quality range of Böker, which is not manufactured in Solingen.

In the past few weeks I have been putting the Nessmi Pro through tests in everyday life and on short hiking trips. You can read my review on this in the following text. But first take a look at the technical data:

Technical specifications

Technical specifications Overall length: 160 mm Blade length: 68 mm Blade thickness: 2.7 mm Blade material: D2 Handle material: brown micarta and red fiber liner Blade finish: satin 42a compliant: Yes!

With this data, the Nessmi Pro fulfills all positive key points of an EDC-Fixed.

Handle and ergonomics:

Let’s talk about the handle of the Nessmi Pro first. The grip is good in the hand, I can place 3-4 fingers on the handle. Because of its curved shape, the handle of the Nessmi Pro is extremely securely placed in my hand. As weknow Jesper Voxnaes designs, the knife is born to work. Then jimping on the back of the blade ensures a secure position for thumb or forefinger when making precision cuts. Compared to the GMF-1, the handle fills the hand even better because of the handle scales. The Nessmuk shape helps the knife tob e very suitable for pulling cuts. The handle is made of micarta and is comfortably and securely placed in the hand even with rainy weather.

Blade and cutting properties:

The 2.7mm thick D2 blade was ground to razorsharpness on my model. Neverless its compact length of just under 7cm, the Nessmi Pro suites all everyday tasks well to very well. Because the Nessmuk-shape, the knife is realy good for cutting on a surface. The Nessmuk-shape also gives a very civil impression. The Voxnaes design performed well in the food preparation test. Even with smaller outdoor tasks, such as carving sticks or preparing feather sticks, the Nessmi Pro never reached its limits. The D2 steel is one of my absolute favorite steels, it holds the sharpness well, is easy to sharpen but is still rust-free. In everyday life, the length of the blade is completely sufficient and faces all tasks at least well.


The design of the Nessmi Pro is from Jesper Voxnaes. The Danish designer is known for his compact but versatile designs. The Nessmi Pro also hits exactly this notch. The knife is just big enough to fulfill all tasks, but it is still so small and civil that it does not scare anyone in everyday life. It should also be mentioned positively that the knife in Germany is 42a-compliant. The micarta of the handle makes my eyes sparkle. Because the Micarta gets more beautiful every day because it develops a lively patina through use.


Thanks to the strongly shaped handle, the Nessmi Pro fits comfortably and securely in the hand. The high blade strength and the fact that it is a full tang blade ensure a high degree of stability of the knife. The knife sits well and securely in the supplied leather sheath. But the leather sheath is the only point where I have to express a little criticism. For a small fixed like the Nessmi Pro, I would like a sheath that can also be placed in the front pocket. But with the belt loop this is hardly possible. An upgrade to a narrower sheath or a kydex would be perfect here.


All in all, I can really recommend the Nessmi Pro. Because of its compact size, the Voxnaes design always found its way to my EDC setup and with a great price of less than 60 € you really can’t go wrong with the knife. It handles all everyday tasks easily and the design is really well thought. The Nessmi Pro is designed for the small to medium-sized tasks of everyday life and masters them really well. Visually, I also think the Nessmi Pro very appealing. If you’re looking for a budget version of the GM F-1, you’ve come to the right place.

In the end I can really only emphasize again, the more you work with this knife, the less you want to give it back. I would order it again anytime.