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Why Maxi Messerblog?

This blog is a test, an attempt. A diary…

But above all I want to improve the world with you. A knife is the oldest tool in the world and it makes me sad when a knife is called a weapon.

A knife is a work of art, a useful piece of jewellery for your trouser pocket or showcase.

A knife is the most important and oldest tool in the kitchen.

A knife is an object that you look forward to when you open the packaging that you feverishly look forward to and save on forever.

There are GRAIL-knives. These are knives you want to own some day or if you own them, treat them like a sanctuary.

Knives that cost several hundred euros. Or even several thousand.

Knives are either real investments or “users”.

The knife is the most valid invention in the history of mankind — without which we would have become extinct a long time ago

— Ken Onion