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1. from minute 2 The story around Spyderco and Sal Glesser 2. minute 19 What is special about Spyderco for us? 3. minute 25 The Spydero Forum 4th minute 27 Spydero and designer 5th minute 33 Our top 3 Spyderco knives 6. minute 48 Spyderco and fakes 7th minute 54 Spyderco in films, series and computer games 8. minute 59 Spydercos bizarre designs Translated with (free version)

The history of Spyderco

Sal Glesser and his wife lived and travelled from 1976 – 1981 in this VW Bully. The VW Beetle was the workshop of Sal. During these years they drove from town to town to sell their Sharpmaker. The Sharpmaker still exists today.

In 1981 they settled in Golden Colorado.

The first Spyderco knife And even if it looks a bit unimpressive to our eyes. There is a lot of pioneer work in it!

  • The hole in the blade, which makes a one-hand operation possible! 
  • A clip to clip it to your pocket.

Both were revolutionary in 1981 and are now, almost 40 years later, standard in the pocket knife sector.

Our favourite Spydies. A small selection

Spyderco Tenacious

Ideal and for many the “gateway drug” to the world of Spydercos and pocket knives.

Spyderco Shaman

The Spyderco Shaman. A robust workhorse and the latest and perhaps last (?) Sal Glesser design.

Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight

Absolutely EDC capable. 70 grams light and deep carry clip. The summer trouser knife. The (normal) Para 3 is also one of our Top Spydies!

Spyderco Para Military 2

The first “Grail-Knife” by Christian was the Para Military 2, of course this icon belongs to our top folders of Spyderco!

Spyderco – pink heals

Spyderco supports the “Care enough to wear pink” movement with every knife with pink handles sold, or I think that’s great and should definitely be in our TOP 5!

Spyderco and its “bizarre” designs

To be honest.. Spyderco designs great knives for the hand and the eye. Admittedly, the one or other design does not always meet our taste. These are our personal design rivets! As we all know, one can argue about tastes and even the 3 of us did not disagree about that.

Mc Bee

A knife that clearly polarizes. Either you love it or, well… 

Matriarch2 with Emerson Opener

This is a little too much

Curved blade, serrated edge and Emerson Opener (the hook at the top of the blade).

Bi Fold


The opening function of a mousetrap does not necessarily make it a beautiful knife. 

What we love about Spyderco in short form: 

  • something for every price range and application
  • remains interesting and innovative even after over 40 years
  • that the classics like the Police and Native are still being reissued

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