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Jens is usually pretty busy. As I wrote this little article here, he was building his new version of the Haddock. When we placed our order for the Haddock, I attached 3 questions that might be interesting for us. Jens, what’s your most used app on the phone?

Mail that sync with my MacBook, iPad and IMac”

2. get up early or sleep late?

early! I like getting up at 5 before everyone wakes up in holidays.”

3. What book would you recommend to a friend?

“Every tool is a hammer, Adam Savage

If you have subscribed to his Instagram account, you might have noticed that Jens likes to grind knives at 5:00 in the morning. I haven’t read Adam Savage’s book yet. But NOW it’s on my wish list. Adam Savage is one of the coolest, nicest and nerdy people in the world anyway. At least he makes such an impression in his videos. His YouTube video of his home office tour is a dream for every science fiction and comic fan. From minute 11 he talks about his friendship with Bill Harsey and shows his Chris Reeve Green Berret and his Spartan Harsey Hunter.