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I am “Business Owner” of a small handicraft business, shop and online shop with 7 colleagues.

In our shop, it is already quieter now.
A shutdown is imminent. A shutdown means, that we close the shop but we are still there, right?
By phone, by whatsapp or by video conference. We don’t know yet how, but we’ll manage that too.

Every online shop order is now a confirmation that life is not dead.
Just somehow different.

We use the time to rebuild the store, to clean it up. Just to get the place shipshape.

I’m worried about the safety of my employees, wondering who of my colleagues has a possible risk patient in the immediate vicinity.

I weigh whose cardiovascular system might not be stable enough, to withstand pneumonia.

I count internally how many contact points each person has, who travels by public transport.

But mostly,
I am worrying if I’ll have a job for my employees in four weeks. That is driving me crazy.